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Here's 10 Simple Ways to Make Money from YOUR MUSIC...



1. Create a Blog or Website

Creating a website/blog & using this as a central hub is crucial! Official band websites are the main driving force behind fans & online sales. Here you will display everything about your music, next gigs, latest releases, merchandise, social networks etc...

  • Get beyond the music - Be personal & engage with your most loyal fans! Tell them what your lyrics mean, run competitions & reach out to those who support you & your music.
  • Build relationships with other musicians with the same audience. Link share & drive more traffic to each others websites.
  • Make sure that your fans can buy your music & merchandise on your website/blog.


Needs a website? You can have your website online within a few hours & there are many platforms in which to do so. Please find a list below of recommended websites that will guide you step by step & couldn't be any easier!

  • Names.co.uk - Search for domain names & choose from thousands of website templates & packages.
  • bandzoogle.com - Currently offering a 30 day free trial & have your website online within minutes.
  • bandvista.com - Create a band website within minutes & offering a 30 day free trial.
  • squarespace.com - Various Services: Domains, ecommerce websites & hosting.


2. Be Social

Using social media is by far the most cost effective method to engage with your fans & to build your fanbase! Use social media to drive traffic to your website, generate sales/downloads & sell merchandise.

Here is a list of social networks that you should be actively using to promote your music.

  • Twitter - Keep your fans up to date in short simple messages & great for growing your following (fanbase) FAST!
  • Facebook - Create a Facebook page with your personal profile & your fans simply "like" your page to receive all your posts on their wall.
  • Soundcloud - Create your profile & upload your songs. Great way to share your music via other social networks.
  • Instagram - Share pictures instantly via mobile phone with the instagram app.
  • Google+ - Fast becoming a major social network & improves your Search Engine Optimization.
  • YouTube -  Upload your music videos, share & embed into website.
  • Last.fm - One of largest online catalogue for artists to sell & to connect with fans.
  • Snapchat - Fast & fun way to engage with fans.
  • Reverbnation - Upload your music, communicate with fans, communicate with other artists & offers other various networking tools.
  • Our Stage -  Share & promote your music while networking with fans.
  • Meet & Jam - NEW online platform dedicated to supporting artists worldwide.


3. Newletter/Email List

Collect names & email addresses at gigs & online. Create a weekly/monthly newsletter using Mailchimp or Fanbridge that will keep your fans up to date with your latest news, gigs & releases.


4. Be Found on Search Engines

  • Sign up to as many social networks as possible using your artist/band name. Especially Google+ & YouTube as both give a slight page rank preference
  • Create regular new content on your website. Google loves websites that have fresh content added on a regular basis.


5. Merchandise

Selling merchandise online & at your gigs can be a very lucrative business. There are many websites/platforms that can be linked to your website who do all the work for you. 

Here is a list of a few online merchandise solutions, printers & distributors:


6. Run Competitions on your Social Media Accounts

Giveaway CD's, t-shirts, downloads & other merchandise in a bid to get your fans to share your page with others. This is a great way to generate new fans & also keep the loyal fans interested.


7. Set up a Wikipedia Page.

  • Write a full history of you as an artist or for the band.
  • Include current & previous band members.
  • Include full discography.
  • Tag other bands that are relevant to your band in your history.
  • Include tours or any awards you may have won.
  • Create your Wikipedia page here.


8. Set up Google Alerts.

This is a great way to track your name & participate in conversations about you or your band. 


9. Live Stream Gigs.

This can be a great marketing tool for you to perform in unusual spaces & perform to your fans worldwide. Advertise your merchandise & latest releases at your live streaming events.

Here is a list of live streaming platforms:


10. Distribution! Get Your Music on Itunes, Spotify & More...

That's right! You no longer need a record label to get your music in the right places. There are many different distributors online that will get your music on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play & hundred's more platforms that will sell your music to the world.

Here are a few distribution companies we recommend:


Right! Hopefully this is enough to give you food for thought & start making money from your music online - Good Luck!


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