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*Kickstart your Career as a Web Developer With CareerFoundry: Online Courses & Study Plans To Suit You! (Exclusive 10% Discount)

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CareerFoundry: Europe's No: 1 Online Code & Design School.


The Media Directory have teamed up with Europe's elite online technology school for web development & UX design. Perfect for beginners & with all the tools, support & mentors to kickstart your new career in web development. 

Career Foundry is the world’s first career accelerator for vocational tech skills. They build online programs delivered by expert mentors to bring complete beginners up to employable standards in technology.

They Bring their pupils to the forefront of the education process & are breaking away from current ed-tech trends; providing substantial support for career changers by way of practical knowledge, professional insights and career advice.

Each member of the Career Foundry team has had experience of working for big corporations, small startups, tech giants and working freelance. Career Foundry was born to help others build their careers in ways that offer more personal freedom, creativity and flexibility.


Who Is It For?

For Beginners: No previous experience? No problem. All courses are built to take you from beginning to end, providing support and extra materials for anyone who gets lost.

For Upgraders: Are you looking to add Web Development or UX Design as an additional skill? Start from anywhere in their courses to acquire that skill and add it to your CV.


What Happens When You Enroll?

Start when you want, how you want. With immediate access to course materials, you can get started right away. You will be connected with your mentor within 24 hours, who will stay with you throughout the course. Full access to the CareerFoundry team means unlimited opportunities for career guidance and planning. All you have to do is get In touch.

Access to full course: You will have immediate and complete access to the course materials. This includes the full program for every month of your course as well as tools and other resources.

Do your own project: The best motivation to learn is to build your own project. Together with your mentor you will define the scope of your project and then build on it every day during the course.


What Do I Walk Away With?

A portfolio for your new career: On completing a course with CareerFoundry, you’ll be equipped with highly in-demand skills and a professional portfolio to kickstart your career. Start freelancing, or apply for junior level positions in that innovative startup you’ve always wanted to work for.


Skills for your future in tech: Your sought-after skills will set you up for a future in tech - as an entrepreneur, freelancer or hobbyist, they’ll only become more valuable in every industry as the scene moves forward at lightning speed. Tech is taking over the world - it’s time to get on board.


Kickstart Your Tech Career Now!

  • Check out the detailed course plans

  • Try the first day of a course for free

  • Book a free Mentor Skype call

  • Exclusive 10% Discount: Enter "themediadirectory" on the payment page or quote on initial contact with CareerFoundry.


Visit for more information & to Kickstart your new career!


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